Microaggregate Blood Filter for Red Cell Transfusion

The Pall SQ40S Blood Transfusion Filter is a free-flow, low priming volume device which provides a 40 µm rated screen filter medium for the removal of potentially harmful blood component microaggregates and non-blood component particulate matter.

Product Features:

  • Pall's 40-µm rated polyester screen media is process controlled and monitored to ensure uniformity of pore size to assure maximum patient protection from microaggregates, clots, and particulate debris from stored, leukoreduced or salvaged blood components*  
  • Media pleating and total filter area provide up to twelve times the typical first surface area of a depth-type microaggregate filter.This increases filter life and reduces the number of administration set changes required for rapid transfusion, particularly for blood components with a large debris load such as salvaged blood components
  • The Pall SQ40S is compatible with all blood components.This includes whole blood, packed red blood cells, platelets and unwashed blood salvage products 
  • Low residual blood hold-up volume insures the highest recovery of blood component being transfused
  • Minimal blood trauma due to the filter media's large opening and small screen thickness.This assures low blood velocity at the media interface which results in low sheer stress, even at high flow rates
  • Ease of use is enhanced by small filter housing which allows for rapid priming and a tapered spike which is compatible with all conventional blood bags and permits easy insertion and transfer from one bag to another during multiple unit transfusions
* For more information related to filtration of salvaged blood components, see the Pall LipiGuard® Transfusion Filter for Salvaged Blood (reorder code:SB1) and the LeukoGuard® RS1 Leukocyte Reduction Filter (reorder code:RS1).