Plasma Optimization Guide

Plasma Optimization Guide:Improving Plasma Yields from Whole Blood Donations  


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Improving Plasma Yields from Whole Blood Donations

Pall Medical supplies whole blood collection and filtration systems that set the standard of care across the globe.Our customers require the highest level of technological competency to support a higher standard of blood supply to the communities they serve.As the needs of our customers continually change, blood centers and hospitals need to make smart decisions to enhance their ability to maximize the value of the blood transfusion products they produce. 

The Plasma Optimization Guide is intended to assist Blood Establishments in determining the best processes within their facility to optimize plasma yields while considering the constraints of quality, cost, and time. 

The purpose of this guide is to instruct customers on the various elements that affect plasma yields from whole blood donations.The first section of the guide discusses the principals of blood separation and centrifugation.It defines the terminology used in centrifugation, describes the many elements that impact blood separation using centrifugation, and indicates how to establish optimal centrifugation parameters.The next section reviews whole blood collection and processing to reveal how choices made by Blood Establishments within these processes impact plasma yields.The last section concludes with a discussion of the impact of plasma optimization on workflow and discusses the cost benefit analysis of optimizing plasma yields.