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Sensitivity + Traceability + Connectivity

Pall eBDS and Data-5 Software:The Total Solution for Bacteria DetectionThe Total Solution for Bacteria Detection

The Pall eBDS provides a comprehensive approach to compliance for testing all platelets — whether whole blood-derived, pre-storage pooled (アクロドーズSM Platelets), or apheresis.Pall DATA-5 Software is a PC-based software program that goes beyond simple data management.It manages your eBDS workflow.This uniquely developed, dedicated software assures total integration of the newest standard of platelet quality control, from collection to release. 

Workflow Automation

Pall DATA-5 Software’s unique Workflow module has been designed and validated for the process management and audit of the Pall eBDS.It logs the time critical steps and provides easy-to-use work lists at each step in the Pall eBDS process.Workflow delivers true ease of use and quality assurance.   

Essential Components of a Comprehensive Bacteria Detection Program:

  • Sensitivity and specificity
  • Complete data capture
  • Timely reports of platelet status throughout the QC process
  • Ability to trace product at any point in time
  • A blood bank “friendly” test system

Pall Data-5 Software

The detection of bacteria in platelets is now
the quality control standard for platelet safety.

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