Delete This Copy of A New Platform for Platelet Transfusion Safety

 Improved Safety Increased Availability Lower Cost

An アクロドーズSM Platelet is a new generation platelet product that represents these key qualities.This innovative product is leukoreduced, pooled, ABO matched, and bacteria tested.It is designed to improve safety, increase availability, and provide blood centers with opportunities for growth.Clinically equivalent to a single donor platelet (in terms of platelet count and quality), an アクロドーズ platelet enables blood centers to tap into the abundant but often discarded resource of whole-blood platelets.An アクロドーズ Platelet offers significant cost advantages to the blood center as well as the hospital.

Using a platform of complementary products, blood collection facilities can produce a therapeutic dose of whole blood-derived platelets that are leukoreduced, ABO matched, pooled and bacteria tested with culture-based detection methods  in other words, an アクロドーズ Platelet.

Read about solutions for:
Collection and Processing (Leukoreduction)
Pooling and Storing
Bacteria Detection and Data Management

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Collecting and Processing

リューコトラップ® RC PL and リューコトラップ PL Systems
Provide a unique combination of technologies to enhance transfusion safety and operating efficiency.The only inline filtration systems capable of producing leukocyte reduced whole-blood platelets and plasma.Providing efficient filtration for platelet-rich plasma, the ATS LPL filter allows for semiautomated processing.

Pooling and Storing

アクロドーズ™ PL System
Offers blood centers a real alternative to optimize the availability, safety and cost of transfusion platelets.This system enables blood centers to provide a therapeutic dose of whole-blood-derived platelets that are leukoreduced, bacteria tested, ABO matched and standardized to meet hospital needs.

Bacteria Detection and Data Management

Pall eBDS and Pall Data*
Pall eBDS and Pall Data have been uniquely designed for blood center quality control and cGMP compliance.Pall eBDS is a novel detection method that measures the oxygen content of air within the sample pouch as a surrogate marker for bacteria.Pall Data management system tracks and manages all time-critical steps in the platelet process and provides a complete, traceable record from individual donor collection to pooled platelets to eBDS results.

*Pall Data with Workflow module is subject to FDA clearance and is available for beta testing in the USA.