TEST #11 Why Use Tangential Flow Filtration

Efficient and Cost Effective

  • TFF is easy to set up and use – Simply connect the TFF device to a pump and pressure gauge(s) with tubing and fittings, add your sample to the reservoir and you’re ready to go.
  • TFF is fast and efficient – It is easier to set up and much faster than dialysis.You can achieve higher concentrations in less time than with centrifugal devices or stirred cells.
  • Perform two steps with one system – You can concentrate and diafilter a sample on the same system, saving time and avoiding product loss.
  • TFF can be scaled-up or scaled-down – Materials of construction and cassette path length allow conditions established during pilot-scale trials to be applied to process-scale applications.TFF devices are available that can process sample volumes as small as 10 mL or as large as thousands of liters.
  • TFF is economical – TFF devices and cassettes can be cleaned and reused, or disposed of after single use.メンブレンとシールが破損していないことを確認するために、簡単な完全性試験が実行できます。


  • Concentrate and desalt proteins and peptides
  • Concentrate and desalt nucleic acids
  • Recover and purify antibodies or recombinant proteins from cell culture media 
  • Recover and purify plasmid DNA from cell lysates or chromosomal DNA from whole blood
  • Fractionate dilute protein mixtures
  • Clarify cell lysates or tissue homogenates.

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  • Depyrogenate (remove endotoxin from) water, buffers, and media solutions
  • Prepare samples prior to column chromatography
  • Harvest cells
  • Recover or remove viruses