Chromatography / Protein Purification

Pall offers more filtration and separation material options than any other company in the world.Our reputation is built on consistency of products as well as documentation, services, and customer support.Pall’s versatile line of chromatography products greatly simplifies a range of protein purification challenges from lab to process scale.Find out how Pall can improve the accuracy, speed, safety, reliability and cost of your processes today.

Pall's UpScaleSM Program

The ability to scale up or down is essential for those working in drug discovery, development and manufacturing.Pall’s chromatography product platforms incorporate the same materials of construction to allow precise scale up of processing volumes.These products are validated to meet production scale demands at any scale of operation.Pall’s UpScale program ensures that our products are supported with the documentation and advice to quickly assure sound validation and successful long-term processes.Contact us today for the best solutions to your scale-up challenges.