Centrifugal Devices Facilitate Pure, Concentrated Product with High Recoveries

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Centrifugal Devices for Protein Purification    Microfiltration Centrifugal Devices for Protein Purification   Microfiltration Centrifugal Devices for Protein Separation and Protein Purification

Pall’s ultrafiltration centrifugal devices simplify many common protein handling procedures.These devices provide efficient concentration and salt removal of samples from 50 μL to 60 mL in just minutes.Choose from membranes that have been developed to assure low nonspecific biomolecule binding and provide consistent, high recovery of target molecules.Ultrafiltration reduces the amount of handling that can cause damage to samples, leaving concentrated samples ready for direct incorporation into downstream applications at critical stages in the discovery process.   

Pall’s microfiltration centrifugal devices are used in protein separation and small -scale general filtration procedures.These devices can be used in combination with chromatography resins to create a fast, efficient method for purifying proteins of interest.


Rapid Processing

Achieve high recoveries in as little as five to ten minutes.  

High Performance Membranes

オメガ™ polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membrane provides higher flow rates and is lower protein binding than competitive membranes.これによってプロセス時間が短縮され、回収率が高まりました。


Devices are constructed of low-binding materials to maximize sample recovery.

Variety of MWCO’s and Pore Sizes

Available with ultrafiltration membranes for rapid concentrating and/or desalting of proteins.Also available with low-binding microfiltration membranes for particulate removal or chromatography separations.

Easy to Use

Once you have identified the right MWCO or pore size ranging from 1 kD to 0.45 μm, the devices are color-coded for easy visual identification.

Ideal for Fast Batch Mode Chromatography Applications

ナノセップ® centrifugal devices with microfiltration membrane serve as a perfect housing for chromatography resin.The spin device can be filled with the resin of choice to perform the desired protein purification application.

ナノセップ Devices Exhibit Fast Spin Times and High Recoveries

MWCO 3k 10k 30k 100k 300K
 Solute  Solute MW (kd) Spin Time (min.)  15 10  8 3 
 Vitamin B12  1,335  % Recovery  7  -  -  -  -
 Aprotinin  6,200  % Recovery  99  51  11  -  -
 Cytochrome C  12,400  % Recovery  100  89  77  1.8  -
 Chymotrypsinogen A  25,000  % Recovery  -  97  94  2.1  -
 Ovalbumin  45,000  % Recovery  -  97  92  3  -
 BSA  67,000  % Recovery  -  -  100  26  1.5
 Phosphorylase  97,400  % Recovery  -  -  95  91  1
 IgG  156,000  % Recovery  -  -  -  97  1.5
 Thyroglobulin (1 mg/mL)  677,000  % Recovery  -  -  -  100  91

Samples of 0.5 mL of a 1.0 mg/mL solution were centrifuged at 14,000 x g and concentrated to a volume of 10 to 60 μL using ナノセップ centrifugal devices with オメガ membrane.

Match Device Size to Sample Volume

Pall’s centrifugal devices are available in a range of sizes to accommodate your specific sample volumes.AcroPrep™ filter plates can be used with smaller sample volumes in similar applications.
デバイス サンプル容量
 アクロプレップ384フィルタープレート 100µL未満 
 アクロプレップ384フィルタープレート 350µL未満
 アクロプレップ384フィルタープレート 1mL未満
 Nansep device 0.5mL未満
 マイクロセップ™ device  0.5~3.5mL
 マクロセップ ® device  3~15mL
 ジャンボセップ ™ device  15~60mL

Easy-to-assemble Stirred Cell Systems Process 2 to 150 mL

Pall’s Stirred Cell Systems provide a versatile format that can be disposed of when working with biologically hazardous or radioactive materials, or cleaned and reused up to 20 times.These devices are 100% integrity tested to ensure the membrane and cell reservoir are integral.Ultrasonically sealed membranes eliminate the need for O-rings that can leak.The devices are easy to assemble, use and clean  up, and feature as much as 50% more effective filtration area than conventional stirred cells of the same volume.


  • Concentrate, purify and desalt peptides and proteins
  • Separate proteins from acrylamide gels
  • Prepare samples for HPLC analysis
  • Fractionate proteins

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