The ATMI LifeSciences portfolio acquired by Pall encompasses custom-engineered, flexible packaging solutions, single-use storage systems, mixers and bioreactors for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.This includes well-known brands such as Integrity® single-use technologies and Newform™ ultra clean sterile packaging.

アクロディスクユニット、ムスタング Eメンブレン付き

Remove Endotoxin from Water, Buffer, Neutral Sugars, and Certain Biological Solutions Ideal for evaluation and proof of concept High flow rates of 1 ...詳細はこちら


Combining high-capacity, ion-exchange ムスタング membranes with a unique 16-layer open-pleat design results in a high-flow rate, high-capacity, single-us...詳細はこちら

AcroPrep™ Advance 96-Well Filter Plates With ムスタング Q/S Ion Exchange Membrane

ムスタング® membrane is able to withstand high flow rates to render fast purification of biomolecules Well design results in faster, more uniform fi...詳細はこちら


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Infection Prevention Society London
Imperial College, London


ISCT 2014 - International Society for Cellular Therapy
Palais des congrés de Paris, Paris


Kentucky Equine Veterinary Spring Seminar
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