Total System Design

Storage and Distribution

Total system design ensures that water is purified, stored and distributed with quality maintained to specification all the way.Tank designs take into account sizing, choice of material and microbiogical considerations.Additional components such as heat exchangers, filters, UV, ozone and point-of-use valves are selected on technical merit, simplicity, efficiency and cost effective maintenance.Loop pressure and flow rates are carefully designed and controlled to meet microbiological and safety considerations.

Microbiological Protection

High quality water has to be properly handled and protected from contamination right up to point- of -use.The hydrophobic vent filters in Pall systems provide high sterility assurance and generous air flow rates with minimum risk of blockage by wetting.Integrity testing of the filters is achieved with minimum fuss and maximum confidence.Final water quality at point- of - use is ensured by high flow rate, long life sterilizing grade filters capable of absolute removal of even the smallest organisms which may be encountered in practice.

Pall Advanced Separations Systems

Pall Advanced Separations Systems (PASS) is an independent engineering and procurement entity for Pall's global separations systems business.To successfully deliver high purity water systems that meet stringent customer requirements we have excellence in:

  • Process System Design
  • ドキュメンテーション
  • Systems Fabrication
  • Project Management

Pall also has many experts in its SLS support laboratories (46 labs at the time of writing) handling microbiological and contamination analysis.This experience includes many years of handling and identifying water-borne organisms.We can provide these services to our customers as part of service contracts, or on demand according to the project requirements.We are also developing new tools to detect and document cleanliness of equipment and water.

PASS will provide the following

  • Installation Support
  • システムデザイン
  • Document Preparation
  • Validation / Qualification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Operator Training
  • スペアパーツ
  • サービス契約
  • After-Market Service