What's Next?開発中のバイオプロセス製品


スタックス ハイぺリオンフローテクノロジーを含むデプスフィルター

Developed for direct mammalian cell harvest, this revolutionary new filter in Pall’s スタックス™ capsule format removes cells and cellular debris effectively and efficiently.The patented Hyperion flow technology provides high capacity and significantly-reduced filter area.Utilizing Hyperion depth filtration enables a consistent single-use process for process volumes up to 2000 liters.With no intermediate centrifugation step or addition of flocculation media necessary, the entire process is simplified, reducing capital investment, costs of maintenance and space requirements.The スタックス depth filter with Hyperion technology represents a major new innovation in cell removal technology.

If you would like any further information, or are interested in taking part in trials with your process solution in development, please contact hyperion@pall.com.

Pall's BioSMB platform is the first disposable flow path, continuous multi-column chromatography solution.Unique to biopharmaceuticals, the system is designed to boost productivity and optimize the use of chromatography sorbents.
  • Ideal for bind and elute chromatography
  • Reduces buffer tank requirements, even for complex product expression systems
  • Integrated single-use valve array easily services up to 16columns/devices without complexity
  • Column configuration determined by total process volume rather than by product mass

Reducing space requirements and costs, the BioSMB system delivers a scaleable, flexible and single-use path to multi-column applications, and peerless productivity per unit area of manufacturing space.

If you would like any further information, or have an immediate application for this new system, please contact biosmb@pall.com.
Acoustic Wave Separation (AWS)

The acoustic wave separation (AWS), a disruptive technology from FloDesign Sonics (FDS) for cell culture clarification for both fed-batch and perfusion applications, enables very-high-efficiency continuous removal of the cells in a closed system without centrifugation.This thereby streamlines a challenging step in the biologics manufacturing process within a small operating footprint.The technology complements Pall's industry-leading スタックス™ depth filtration products to enable continuous clarification of cell culture, enabling integration of the bioreactor with downstream processing.

The AWS technology works by applying acoustic forces across a flow channel to generate a three-dimensional standing wave.When a cell culture passes through the flow channel, the cells are trapped at the nodes of the acoustic waves and then aggregate, culminating in their precipitation from suspension as their buoyancy decreases.Important features are no temperature increase, no damage to cells or proteins, and the process works in a robust manner at high yields.

The integration of the AWS technology expands the portfolio of continuous bioprocessing and single-use products offered by Pall.

If you would like any further information, or have an immediate application for this new technology, please contact aws@pall.com.

2000 L Single-use stirred tank bioreactor for cell culture

Pall continues to improve cell culture with the upcoming launch of the アレグロ™ STR 2000, a 2000 L single-use bioreactor with working volumes of 600 to 2000 L.

Together with the アレグロ STR 200 and アレグロ STR 1000 bioreactors, Pall will offer a family of geometrically similar stirred tank bioreactors, designed for working volumes from 40 to 2000 L.

All bioreactors have excellent cell culture performance thanks to the cubical design with large bottom-driven impeller for enhanced mixing and aeration.Extensive computational フルード・ダイナミクス and test data is available to assist with scaling and process transfers.

All intuitive handling and process safety features that differentiate this whole bioreactor family will make this 2000 L bioreactor a breakthrough single-use bioreactor for the industry.Packaging, semi-automatic installation, software and validation will allow users to reduce typical operator and system related errors.In addition, this 2000 L bioreactor will be less than 3 m high!

If you would like any further information, or have an immediate application for this new single-use bioreactor, please contact bioreactors@pall.com.