Date:04/25/2017 - 04/26/2017
City, State & Country:Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Pall Booth:43-44
Event Summary:

Join Us at BPI on April 25-26, booths 43-44, to discover the recent advances in Continous Bioprocessing.


April 25 at 10am - Plenary Session

Significant Technology Advances Enabling Integrated Continuous Bioprocessing

Martin Smith, PhD, Chief Technology Officer

Continuous manufacturing has been established in several processing industries for many years providing improved economics, quality and flexibility over batch manufacturing operations.Until recently the adoption of continuous approaches in bioprocessing has been limited to perfusion cell culture with downstream processing unit operations and formulation taking place in batch mode with associated capacity limitations and poor facility utilization.With the development of specific enabling continuous technologies, combined with the inherent benefits of single-use approaches, it is possible for the biopharmaceutical industry embrace the continuous manufacturing paradigm and move towards integrated end to end continuous bioprocessing, resulting in a more efficient, agile and truly global production of biotherapeutics. Presentation will discuss a range of continuous process-enabling technologies aimed at the key unit operations within the production of monoclonal antibodies and other recombinant proteins.

April 26 at 11.45 - Continuous Stream

Implementation of an End-to-End Continuous BioProcessing Platform using Novel Technologies

Peter Levison, Senior Marketing Director – Downstream Processing

A risk-based and data-driven overview of an integrated continuous bioprocessing platform highlights requirements, challenges and opportunities for product development, process monitoring, validation, control and automation.Cutting-edge technologies enable cost effective and reliable implementation of continuous bioprocessing.They include the ケイデンス™ Acoustic Separator, ケイデンス Inline Concentrators for single-pass TFF (SPTFF), the ケイデンス BioSMB multicolumn continuous chromatography using the KANEKA KanCapA™ sorbent and novel continuous diafiltration strategies

April 26 at 14.00 (30min)- Viral Safety for Biologics

Novel virus filter design to overcome the challenges of continuous processing

Nigel Jackson, Principal Engineer R&D

Recent studies in virus retentive filtration have changed our perception of the worst case scenarios for maximizing virus safety, with low flow and pressure interruptions increasing risk. We link fundamental understanding to filter design in order to open up the opportunity of optimal continuous processing at low flow.

Poster Session:April 25-26

Acoustic Wave Separation – A Scalable Disruptive Technology for Continuous Clarification of Fed Batch Cell Culture Prior to Capture Chromatography

Live Lab Tour: April 26 at 13.20

Don't forget to join us at The Live Lab Tour!An interactie session allowing you to gain practical insight in to the latest technology hitting today's market.

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